Elements: A Periodic Table For Superheroes and Villains

Found on BoingBoing, here’s a periodic table with a little Ka-pow!

University of Kentucky chemistry professors John P. Selegue and F. James Holler are collecting comic book references to chemical elements.

via The comic book periodic table of elements – Boing Boing.

Below are just a few of the many elements that figure into comic book plots:

Selenium (Se).
Image by W. Oelen, Creative Commons. CCO 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

Above, selenium (Se), with an atomic number of 34, is a nonmetal found in metal-sulfide ores. (It is also contained in the poisonous tail of Stingaree in the comic series Metamorpho.)

Vanadinite, which contains vanadium (V).
Image by Didier Descouens (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.) Unported license).

The mineral vanadinite contains vanadium (V), atomic number 23, a hard, ductile metal. (When Mr. Element sprays it on a wall, Flash can’t break through.)

Sulfur (S).
Ben Mills. Wikimedia Commons.

Sulfur (S), atomic number 16, has been used to make everything from gunpowder to medicinal balms to insecticides. (It also comes in handy for setting safes on fire in Doom Patrol.)

Cystic Fibrosis: From sea sponges, a possible treatment

Sea Sponge
By Dimitris Siskopoulos. Creative Commons.



A genetic defect that is responsible for most cases of cystic fibrosis appears to be correctable by a compound found in sea sponges, according to this report on the research website Futurity. A research team led by David Thomas, of McGill University, identified the sea-sponge chemical latonduine as a promising candidate for treatment of this life-threatening disorder. Results appear in the journal Chemistry and Biology.